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LU935 6000lms WUXGA Conference Room Projector

Long Lasting Image Quality and Seamless Integration for Futureproof Conference Room

  • Large 2D lens shift and 1.6X Big zoom perfect for in-house installation
  • Native resolution switch to 1080P for multi-display compatibility
  • HDMI 2.0 ports with less friction and great brightness
  • IP5X dustproof mechanism reducing maintenance costs

Revolutionary Laser Technology

BenQ the world’s No.1 DLP brand introduces a full line of innovative projectors featuring proprietary DLP high brightness laser technology.

Superior Bright

Zero-deviation alignment of laser diodes boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel improving light efficacy.

Superior Performance

Dual synchronized color wheels utilize an additive yellow segment stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.

Superior Durability

Comprising over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel the DLP chip is hermetically sealed to resist heat for over 200000 hours without degradation.

High Quality Presentation

Advanced Modes for Supreme Presentation Quality

BenQ LU935’s color modes are designed to fit all modern corporate presentation needs. 

Infographic Mode Showcasing the text and graphics in detail due to high brightness and better color gradation through the 92 Rec.709 color coverage ensuring more saturated and lively color performance.

Presentation Mode Designed for conventional presentation with texts and charts producing the truest blacks and exemplary image sharpness for unmatched readability.

Video Mode Designed for preserving dynamic color details when playing videos in meeting room with ambient light.

Dual Color Wheels Produce 92 Rec.709 Color Coverage for Optimal Color Performance

LU935’s powerful laser projection utilizes a dual color wheel system to produce unparalleled color performance that achieves a 92 Rec.709 color coverage. By increasing color ratios and the purity of RGBY color LU935 dramatically enhances color saturation to ensure superior presentation quality.

Laser-Enabled Ultra-High Contrast

LU935 Laser Projector creates strikingly clear images with stratospherically high contrast ratio of 3000000 for true deep blacks vividly rich colors and fine subtle details. LU935 also features spontaneous response requiring no wait to turn on or resume from blanking in true black for flexible performance capability.


Easy Installation

Large H/ V Lens Shift Designed to Fit Various Placement

LU935’s large and 2-way lens shift system can be used to properly align the image shifting up to 60 vertically and 23 horizontally relative to the size of the screen deliver perfectly proportioned images despite installation or placement challenges in any venue.

The 1.6x Zoom for Efficient Upgrades and Installation

With 1.6x Big Zoom corporatio

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